Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quest For Improvement: Week 1

We are creating a character (or characters) to draw at the beginning of every session of Sketch Group. This exercise not only tracks our drawing progress, but it also teaches us to become aware of our techniques, strengths and weaknesses and brings us upon the path of improvement. 

Adam Hughes once said: "The fact about getting better is... 
that your 1,000th drawing will be better than your first."

To join the quest, email your drawing to, 
or join one of our sessions Thursday nights @10 in DSB 210!

Beth Wollman

Hillary Hastings


Jonathon McGregor

Josh Thompson

Laura Mansfield

Elizabeth Michaels

Bram Mendez

Hannah Ploechl

If any of the these artists have a blogspot of their own, or some other website 
that represents their artwork, email us the link so we can tag your names.

You guys are awesome!!
Lizzy and Ari


  1. The drawing with the no name is Shana's. I can't remember her last name, but, yea... that's her's XD

  2. Thanks summer! If you can read her last name in the signature too, you should let me know what it is because I can't read it. (Which is probably just me)